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How to Best Use Our Site

Our web pages are mostly small and modular; they should load quickly for you. We've kept our in-line images (photographs and such) small as well, so you should turn *on* your images now if you had them turned off. We promise that we won't overload you with graphics.

What's This Page?
This page is all about how to get the most out of your visit to our site.

Let's Go!
next If you're in a hurry, want to get right to the content, and skip the rest of this "How To" page, the Site Overview has links to all our major areas. This blue button image will take you there and is our standard clickable image for any logical next step.

What about shortcuts?
You can select from our Cayman Fast Track options anytime (located at the bottom of almost every page) to jump immediately to the beginning of any of our major sections. There's even a detailed Index for our entire web-site, which also includes help and other shortcuts.

Why does your page look like this?
How this site actually looks on your monitor depends, in large part, on your browser software and how you have it configured. If you're having problems viewing our site, please check out our tech notes section. For comparison, there's an image of our welcome page there to show you how the optimum version should look, as well as browser setup tips.

How should I use the information I find on your site?
We've tried our best to keep everything here reasonably accurate and current, but you should read our special Notice page to be sure that you understand our legal disclaimers. If you are considering anything other than simply viewing our site on your computer monitor, you must read that page.

How do I get more information?
send email We've provided an individual email link for each of our sponsors (and other organizations) so you can contact them directly and immediately get their latest information. Every sponsor page has an email button at the top of their page that looks just like this image here (this one points to, which is *only* an auto-reply).

Is my email setup right?
If your browser software is properly setup, you may simply select this button and then send email directly to that sponsor. One common error is to have an incomplete return address so that the sponsor is unable to reply to your request. Please be sure that yours is correctly setup.

Can I test it here?
Sure. If you'd like to test your browser/email setup, select this link (or button) and send your test message to "Echo" will automatically send you back a reply if everything's setup OK. If you don't hear back soon, re-check and verify your setup thoroughly. Please note that *no* questions are answered at this address.

How do I know where I am?
Every page has it's unique URL address in the lower right hand corner. For example, this page's URL is

What about Cayman?
next Well, that's why we're all here, so let's move on to our short Welcome to Cayman, which will then link us to the rest of the site.

As always, you may select any one of our Cayman Fast Track options set out below:
(Overview)    (Go There)    (Stay There)    (Play There)    (Cayman Info)    (*New*)    (Index+Shortcuts)
Thanks for visiting our web site. Your comments and/or suggestions are very much welcomed and appreciated! We've designed this site for quick display without all those extra bells and whistles. If this page doesn't format correctly, or for more detailed information and other browser questions, please refer to our tech notes section.
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Organizing your way to the Cayman Islands!
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Last update: 14 August 1997
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