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Where to Stay in Cayman:
Master Accommodations List
An up-to-date listing of all Cayman accommodations, all locations and types, sorted alphabetically. (Much more coming to this section - stay tuned!)

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[This is quite a long list and may take a few seconds to load .... ]

gts guest Adams Guest House PO Box 312 tel: 1-345-949-2512
fax: 1-345-949-0919

gts Hotel Ambassadors Inn PO Box 1789
George Town
tel: 1-345-949-7577
fax: 1-345-949-7050

nsmb Condo Anchorage PO Box 1589
George Town
tel: 1-345-945-4088
fax: 1-345-945-5001

smbs condo The Avalon
PO Box 31236
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-945-4171
fax: 1-345-945-4189

north side Condo Bali Hai Kai PO Box 11
North Side
tel: 1-345-947-9046
fax: 1-345-947-9046

smbs Hotel Beach Club Resort PO Box 903
George Town
tel: 1-345-949-8100
fax: 1-345-945-5167

smbs condo Beachcomber PO Box 1799
George Town
tel: 1-345-945-4470
fax: 1-345-945-5019

lc condo Blossom Villas PO Box 46
Little Cayman
tel: 1-345-948-1000
fax: 1-345-948-1001

north side Condo Blue Reef Resort PO Box 205
North Side
tel: 1-345-947-9333
fax: 1-345-947-1431

brac hotel Brac Airport Inn Cayman Brac tel: 1-345-948-1659
fax: 1-345-948-1207

brac condo Brac Caribbean
Beach Village
PO Box 4
Stake Bay
tel: 1-345-948-2265
fax: 1-345-948-1111

brac condo Brac Haven Villas PO Box 89
Stake Bay
tel: 1-345-948-2473
fax: 1-345-948-2329

brac hotel Brac Reef
Beach Resort
PO Box 56
tel: 1-345-948-1323
fax: 1-345-948-1207

smbs condo Britannia Villas PO Box 1698
George Town
tel: 1-345-949-1234
fax: 1-345-949-8528

westbay Condo Calypso Cove PO Box 30705
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-949-3730
fax: 1-345-949-3730

smbs hotel Caribbean Club PO Box 30499
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-945-4099
fax: 1-345-945-4443

smbs condo Casa Caribe PO Box 30118
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-945-4287
fax: 1-345-945-5151

smbs condo Cayman Club PO Box 30115
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-945-5258
fax: 1-345-945-5630

eastend all inclusive Cayman Diving Lodge PO Box 11
East End
tel: 1-345-947-7555
fax: 1-345-947-7560

smbs condo Cayman Golf &
Beach Resort
PO Box 1698
George Town
tel: 1-345-949-8035

smbs condo Cayman Reef Resort PO Box 30946
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-949-4819
fax: 1-345-949-9751

nsmb condo Christopher Columbus PO Box 1091
George Town
tel: 1-345-945-4354
fax: 1-345-945-5062

gts hotel Coconut Harbour PO Box 2086
George Town
tel: 1-345-949-7468
fax: 1-345-949-7117

smbs condo Colonial Club PO Box 320
West Bay
tel: 1-345-945-4660
fax: 1-345-945-4839

smbs condo Coral Caymanian PO Box 30611
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-945-5796
fax: 1-345-945-5931

gts Condo Coral Sands Resort PO Box 30610
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-949-4400
fax: 1-345-949-4005

smbs condo Coralstone Club PO Box 30105
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-945-5820
fax: 1-345-945-5917

smbs condo Deal Direct - Neil Smith PO Box 31327
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-947-6266
fax: 1-345-947-6299

westbay Condo Discovery Point Club Seven Mile Beach
PO Box 439
West Bay
tel: 1-345-945-4724
fax: 1-345-945-5051

brac hotel Divi Tiara
Beach Resort
PO Box 238
Stake Bay
tel: 1-345-948-1553
fax: 1-345-948-1316

ns condo Driftwood Village PO Box 35
North Side
tel: 1-345-947-9015
fax: 1-345-947-9138

gts guest Eldemire's
PO Box 482
George Town
tel: 1-345-949-5387
fax: 1-345-949-6987

central guest Enterprise
Bed & Breakfast
PO Box 246
tel: 1-818-716-8380
fax: 1-818-348-0433

smbs condo George Town Villas PO Box 1169
George Town
tel: 1-345-949-5172
fax: 1-345-949-0256

nsmb condo Grand Bay Club PO Box 30091
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-945-4728
fax: 1-345-945-5681

nsmb condo Harbour Heights
PO Box 30624
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-945-4295
fax: 1-345-945-4522

nsmb condo Heritage Club PO Box 30066
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-945-4993
fax: 1-345-945-5119

smbs hotel Holiday Inn
Grand Cayman
Permanently Closed
On 30 April 1998
You missed the Party!
To Be Replaced
with another HI hotel

smbs hotel Hyatt Regency
Grand Cayman
PO Box 1588
George Town
tel: 1-345-949-1234
fax: 1-345-949-8528

nsmb hotel Indies Suites PO Box 2070
George Town
tel: 1-345-945-5025
fax: 1-345-945-5024

smbs condo Island Pine Villas PO Box 30197
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-949-6586
fax: 1-345-949-0428

westbay guest John Silvers Inn PO Box 1083
George Town
tel: 1-345-949-4242
fax: 1-345-949-3347

brac condo La Esperanza PO Box 28
Stake Bay
tel: 1-345-948-0531
fax: 1-345-948-0525

smbs condo Lacovia PO Box 1998
George Town
tel: 1-345-949-7599
fax: 1-345-949-0172

lc hotel Little Cayman
Beach Resort
Blossom Village
Little Cayman
tel: 1-345-948-1033
fax: 1-345-948-1040

nsmb condo London House Seven Mile Beach
PO Box 1356GT
tel: 1-345-945-4060
fax: 1-345-945-4087

westbay guest Magnificent
Dive Dump
PO Box 1780 tel: 1-345-949-3787
fax: 1-345-949-3787

smbs hotel Marriott
Grand Cayman
PO Box 30371
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-949-0088
fax: 1-345-949-0288

eastend condo Morritt's
Tortuga Club
PO Box 496
East End
tel: 1-345-947-7449
fax: 1-345-947-7669

nsmb condo Palms PO Box 30106
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-945-5291
fax: 1-345-945-5629

smbs condo Pan Cayman House PO Box 440
George Town
tel: 1-345-945-4002
fax: 1-345-945-4011

lc condo Paradise Villas PO Box 30
Little Cayman
tel: 1-345-948-0001
fax: 1-345-948-0002

central guest Pirates Inn
Beach Resort
PO Box 2106
George Town
tel: 1-345-947-2339
fax: 1-345-947-3308

lc all inclusive Pirates Point Resort Preston Bay
Little Cayman
tel: 1-345-948-1010
fax: 1-345-948-1011

smbs condo Plantana PO Box 1793
George Town
tel: 1-345-945-4430
fax: 1-345-945-5076

smbs condo Plantation Village
Beach Resort
PO Box 1590
George Town
tel: 1-345-949-4199
fax: 1-345-949-0646

ns condo Retreat at Rum Point PO Box 46
North Side
tel: 1-345-947-9135
fax: 1-345-947-9058

central hotel Sammy's
Best Western
Airport Inn
PO Box 30746
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-945-2100
fax: 1-345-945-2330

lc hotel Sam McCoy's
Fishing & Diving
PO Box 503
George Town
tel: 1-345-948-0026
fax: 1-345-949-6821

smbs condo Seagull Condos Box 11513 APO
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-641-435-2001
fax: 1-641-435-2002

smbs condo Seven Mile Beach
Resort and Club
PO Box 30742
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-949-0332
fax: 1-345-949-0331

nsmb condo Silver Sands PO Box 205
George Town
US: 1-800-327-8777
Canada: 1-800-424-5500
tel: 1-345-949-3343
fax: 1-345-949-1223

gts hotel Sleep Inn PO Box 30111
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-949-9111
fax: 1-345-949-6699

lc hotel Southern Cross Club PO Box 44
Little Cayman
tel: 1-345-948-1099
fax: 1-345-948-1098

wb all inclusive Spanish Bay
Reef Resort
PO Box 903
George Town
tel: 1-345-949-3765
fax: 1-345-949-1842

gts hotel Sunset House PO Box 479
George Town
tel: 1-345-949-7111
fax: 1-345-949-7101

smbs Condo Tamarind Bay PO Box 30243
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-949-4593
fax: 1-345-945-2761

nsmb condo Tarquynn Manor PO Box 1362
George Town
tel: 1-345-945-4038
fax: 1-345-945-5060

smbs hotel Treasure Island Resort PO Box 1817
George Town
tel: 1-345-949-7777
fax: 1-345-949-8489

smbs Condo Turtle Beach Villas PO Box 1756
George Town
tel: 1-345-949-6347
fax: 1-345-949-6347

nsmb condo Victoria House PO Box 30571
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-945-4233
fax: 1-345-945-5328

smbs condo Villas of the Galleon PO Box 1797
George Town
tel: 1-345-945-4433
fax: 1-345-945-4705

smbs hotel Westin
Casuarina Resort
PO Box 30620
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-945-3800
fax: 1-345-949-5825

wb guest White Haven
Inn Guesthouse
PO Box 30424
Seven Mile Beach
tel: 1-345-949-1064
fax: 1-345-945-4980

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