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Cayman Diving News

Here's the latest SCUBA diving news from Cayman! (Or, from here you can select one of our other Cayman SCUBA sections:)

** 9 December 98: Molly Returns to Cayman? **

Steve at Ocean Frontiers out at the East End of Grand Cayman writes:

"I don't know if it was Molly the Manta, but we spotted her on Friday morning [4 Dec 98] west of the Blow Holes near Ironshore Gardens.

We were on the way back to the shop and Delwin spotted her on the surface.... so we all jumped in with our mask + fins. She stuck around as long as we did :)

I got within 5 feet of her :) She did some barrel rolls and spirals..... and up and down...quite a show...

But even better, we saw her again yesterday afternoon [Tues, 8 Dec 98] on the shallow dive at Ironshore Gardens. This time she cruised under the boat... about 1/2 of the divers saw her...

This is the fourth sighting in 2 months!!!!!

That's all for know... we want her to stick around... but they only feed on plankton???

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