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Scuba Diving in
Grand Cayman
( West, North and South sides)

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Here is the list of currently active watersports operators who offer scuba diving on the west, north and south sides of Grand Cayman. Please be aware that some operators are large, multi-location operations while others are small and may specialize in only one or two destinations.

[This is quite a long list and may take a few seconds to load .... ]

logo Bob Soto's Reef Divers
P.O. 11800 APO
US: 1-800-BOB-SOTO
Phone: 1-345-949-2022
Fax: 1-345-949-8731
One Call Does It All: Accommodations, Diving, Airfare!
logo Captain Crosby's Watersports
Coconut Place
PO Box 30084 SMB
Phone: 1-345-947-4049
Fax: 1-345-947-5994
See Stingray City with a Caymanian!
logo Captain Don's
Cayman Diver, Ltd

PO Box 30067 SMB
Phone: 1-345-946-4386
Cellular: 1-345-916-0750
Fax: 1-345-945-3907
Come dive personally with Don Foster!
All-day 3-tank dive trips, including breakfast and lunch!
logo Dive 'N Stuff
West Bay Road
PO Box 30609 SMB
Phone: 1-345-94-SCUBA
Cellular: 1-345-916-2490
Fax: 1-345-945-9207
Your Guide to Cayman's Underwater Treasures!
logo Divers Down
Coconut Place
PO Box 1706 GT
Cellular: 1-345-916-3751
Phone/Fax: 1-345-945-1611
All of the Fun . . . and None of the Crowds!
logo Don Foster's Dive
Cayman Ltd

Watler Building, GT
PO Box 31486, SMB

US/Canada: 1-800-83-DIVER
Phone: 1-345-945-5132
Fax: 1-345-945-5133
Grand Cayman Diver's Choice!
logo Red Baron Sail Charters
Post Office Box 673 GT
phone/fax: 1-345-945-4744
cellular: 1-345-916-4333
Snorkeling and Sail Boat charters,
Fly the Red Baron - it's a great escape!
logo Red Sail Sports
Hyatt, Westin, Marriott, Rum Point
PO Box 31473 SMB
US: 1-877-RED SAIL
Local: 1-345-945-5965
Fax: 1-345-945-5808
Four locations on the beach to serve you:
at the Hyatt, the Westin, Marriott, and Rum Point.
x Abanks Watersports
South Church Street
PO Box 31206 SMB
Phone: 1-345-945-1444
Fax: 1-345-945-1872
x Ambassador Divers
South Church Street
PO Box 2396 GT
Phone: 1-345-949-8839
x Aquanauts
Morgan's Harbor
PO Box 30147 SMB
Fax: 1-345-945-1991
x Captain Marvin's Aquatics
Coconut Place
PO Box 413 West Bay
Phone: 1-345-947-4590
Fax: 1-345-947-5673
x Cayman Dive College
North Church Street GT
Box 30780 SMB
Phone/Fax: 1-345-949-4125
x Cayman Diving School
Coconut Plaza
P.O. Box 1308 GT
Phone/Fax: 1-345-949-4729
x Cayman Marine Lab
PO Box 30548 SMB
Phone/Fax: 1-345-945-5586
x Clint Ebanks Scuba Cayman
PO Box 746 GT
Phone: 1-345-947-4049
Fax: 1-345-949-6244
x Dive In
at the Sleep Inn
PO Box 1882 GT
Phone: 1-345-949-4456
Fax: 1-345-949-8729
x Dive Tech
North West Point
PO Box 31435 SMB
Phone: 1-345-949-1700
Fax: 1-345-949-1701
x Eden Rock Diving Center
South Church Street
PO Box 1907 GT
Phone: 1-345-949-0842
Fax: 1-345-949-0842
x Indies Divers
Indies Suites
PO Box 2070 GT
Phone: 1-345-947-5025
Fax: 1-345-947-5024
x Neptune's Realm Divers
North Church Street
PO Box 30520 SMB
Phone: 1-345-949-6444
x Off the Wall Divers
South Sound
PO Box 30176 SMB
Cellular: 1-345-916-0303
Phone/Fax: 1-345-947-7790
x Ollen Miller's Sun Divers
Spotts Bay
PO Box 30181 SMB
Phone: 1-345-947-6606
Fax: 1-345-947-6607
x Parrots Landing Watersports
South Church Street
PO Box 1995 GT
Phone: 1-345-949-7884
Fax: 1-345-949-0294
x Peter Milburn's Dive Cayman
PO Box 596 GT
Phone: 1-345-947-4341
Fax: 1-345-947-5786
x Quabbin Dives
Bush Center, North Church Street
PO Box 2486 GT
Phone: 1-345-949-5597
Fax: 1-345-949-4781
x Quabo Dives
Coconut Place
PO Box 157 GT
Phone: 1-345-945-4769
Fax: 1-345-945-4978
x Rivers Sport Divers
Cayman Falls
PO Box 374 WB
Phone: 1-345-949-1181
Fax: 1-345-949-1296
x Seasports
West Bay
PO Box 431 WB
Phone: 1-345-949-3965
Fax: 1-345-947-4230
x Seaview Dive Center
South Church Street
PO Box 31900 SMB
Phone: 1-345-945-0577
Fax: 1-345-945-0577
x Soto's Cruises
Snug Harbor
PO Box 30192 SMB
Phone: 1-345-947-4576
Fax: 1-345-945-1527
x Sunset House
South Church Street
PO Box 479 GT
Phone: 1-345-949-7111
Fax: 1-345-949-7101
x Treasure Island Divers
PO Box 30975 SMB
Phone: 1-345-949-4456
Fax: 1-345-949-7125


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