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Cutesy Techno-Fluff!

At, we don't really think of ourselves as techno-wizards. We're not trying to impress you with flash or momentary technology. We don't use techno-fluff.

(Gif animations can only be viewed on the some of the more recent browsers. If your browser is not set to automatically show in-line images, or if these images load now but don't move, skip this page and return to the previous page.)

If you do see the animations, this is an example of techno-fluff in the highest degree. This little guy trying to catch your eye has absolutely nothing to do with your interest in the Cayman Islands and this kind of fluff really chews up bandwidth and system time.

They may look cute at first, but many people find them distracting, and even downright irritating. If you want cute - here it is, but this is the only place at that you'll find this stuff!

This stuff is for the dogs!

What direction will these lend to a site? What bearing do they have? While we put these here as a spoof, you will find this type of cutesy techno-fluff nowhere else on our site.

Get the point?
Have we made our point yet? Should we shoot for another analogy?

Are we running in place? You can probably watch your system run slower, and in spurts, as it services these images, and to what end?
Thrill of the the chase? This is not what you bought a faster modem or a newer computer for!

Hope we didn't overload your browser or your system with all this stray fluff! If one or more of the images stopped working, or didn't work on loading, you can try re-loading the page - but, hey, why bother? It's all just fluff!

Hey, hey, hey, it's new today! Normally, there would be a major forward link at the bottom of this page, along with our standard "fast track" option menu. However, in this case, as techno-wizards we feel it is probably much better for you to
use your browser's back button now!

Just back out of this goofy page and clear all this flashing techno-fluff from your memory. If for some reason, you must go forward, here's a link to our Site Overview page.

By the way, we have a visitor counter, just like the fluffy sites.
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