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Captain Crosby's Watersports
P.O. Box 30084, Seven Mile Beach
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands BWI
Cellphone: 1.345.916.1725
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Snorkler's Dream Cruise!
. with Cayman's First Stingray Trainer -- Captain Crosby!
. . see Stingray City with a
true Caymanian!

Discover Stingray City in Grand Cayman with the real Cayman Islands experience onboard a beautiful trimaran. Sail from the gorgeous Hyatt Regency Canal to Stingray City on a fantastic, three and a half hour excursion with the Captain who actually was the first to feed the Stingrays by hand.

Captain Crosby has been in this business for 44 years, nonstop!

Stretch out on this 47 foot trimaran sailboat (you know, the one with all that deck space). The "Snorkeler's Dream" trimaran is equipped with snorkeling gear, ice chests, plenty of room in the coolers for your drinks or lunch, a bathroom for changing and plenty of fun!

Crosby feeding ray Our trips are at least three and a half hours long. Each trip visits at least two, and sometimes three, different snorkeling stops! Stops include the famous Stingray City or Sand Bar, where you will be able to play with the friendly Stingrays in 3-4 feet of water. You can watch the rays swim right around your legs! Depending on the trip, we may also visit the Grand Cayman Barrier Reef; one of the attractions are the Green Moray Eels as well as many types of beautiful reef fish and coral. Also we go to Coral Gardens, where you will be able to snorkel with hundreds of tropical fish, soft sponges, sea fans; it is like swimming in an aquarium. All these stops are just alive with fish and marine life. And remember, all children under 12 are at reduced rates. Please email us for lots more info and current rates.

sing along On the way back, the Captain puts up the sail and pulls out his guitar for some music and perhaps even a sing-along. Can you imagine all that?

Captain Crosby has been doing all this for a long time now and he knows how to do it right. Next time you're in Cayman, bring your friends and family and spend a half or full day with Captain Crosby, you won't be disappointed. Memories are made of this!

Join the fun for a 10:00AM morning Stingray City Excursion, returning back to the dock at 1:30PM. (Due to cruise ship arrival times, the morning excursion may be a little later some days). When you return you can enjoy famous Seven Mile Beach which is right up the road, a 5 minute drive.

  • Special dinner and evening cruises may be arranged with advance booking.
  • Charters can also be booked if you would like to reserve the whole boat for your party.

To receive a copy of our current rates along with all our other details, send email right now to Rate sheet and special details are automagically returned to you almost instantly. Send along any questions that you might have or even start booking your space today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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